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You Are Your Only Limit

You know your GOALS. 
You even know what to DO.
But you DO NOT DO. 

And do not know WHY. 

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In my life, I combined two seemingly incompatible things - logic and emotions

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) in the USA.  This healing technique has been effective in my life to a large extent, so I want to share the tool right now with anyone who feels like they've tried everything in life and have lost hope. I am a seeker, super curious and love to explore new topics and learn new information.


How I Can Help You

Discover the profound impact of hypnotherapy on your well-being with me. I am specialize in unlocking the potential of your subconscious mind to facilitate transformative change. I will guide you through a personalized journey of self-discovery, helping you overcome obstacles, reduce stress, and cultivate positive habits.


happy clients 

“I'm delighted to share my experience with Vaida's hypnotherapy sessions. Having completed three sessions, I've witnessed remarkable transformations in addressing my strong anxiety. Vaida's profound approach delves into the subconscious, unravelling the roots of my emotions and even guiding me through past lives. Each session has been mind-blowing, as she skillfully hacks into my brain, balancing behavioral aspects. The benefits are tangible, and I can feel the slow but steady changes every day. Highly recommend this transformative journey with Vaida!”

Victoria Mateo, France


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Unlock the secrets of hypnosis and its potential to transform your life in a quick call! Join me for an exciting exploration into the world of possibilities. 

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